Why is some of the text purple and some of it green? 
Alex posts in green, and Cassy posts in purple. We did that so we can banter sometimes, and to make it easy for you to tell who's writing. When we do guest posts or interviews, we put the other people in black text.

How in the WORLD do I contact you?
It's easy!

Email: reviewmetwice@gmail.com

You can also send us a Facebook message, tweet us (@ReviewMeTwice) or leave a comment!  We will respond to any (and all) of those methods.

What is your posting schedule?
Mondays: One or both of us post something informative related to that week's book, usually a mini-biography of the author.
Tuesdays: Cassy posts something related to that week's book.
Wednesdays: Favorites day! We each weigh in on a favorite of ours, usually on a theme related to that week's book.
Thursdays: Like Tuesdays, but from Alex.
Fridays: Review day! We both finally review the book we've been building up all week.
Saturdays used to be used for By Its Cover (a review of that week's review book's cover) but that series is no more.
Sundays: We don't normally post on Sundays, but if we do, it's probably either a holiday, an important announcement about the blog, or a giveaway!

How do your reviews work?
We alternate choosing the book to review. We review one book per week and post both of our reviews in one post on Fridays. We do not read each other's reviews before we're finished with them. We know that sometimes it seems like we've collaborated, but we promise, it's really just because we can sometimes be that similar. And sometimes we're completely different. That's what makes this blog fun!

I have suggestions or comments!
Great! We're glad you care enough about the blog to tell us what you think! Feel free to comment on a relevant post, or you can tweet @ReviewMeTwice, or comment on our Facebook page. You can email us at reviewmetwice@gmail.com.

I disagree strongly with something you said!
That's excellent! No, really! Join the conversation by commenting on the relevant post. Please be polite, but disagree with us all you want. The entire basis of this blog is to consider multiple opinions, and we welcome yours.

You should read ___.
If you have recommendations for books we should read, we would love to hear about them. We promise to seriously consider any suggestions we receive. We can't promise to read everything you suggest, though. We make our selections carefully, considering factors such as availability, diversity, time management, and interest, among other things. We also tend to plan a long way in advance, so if we do decide to read your suggestion, don't be discouraged if it takes us a few months to get around to it. We are both huge supporters of NaNoWriMo, so if you wrote a NaNo and want us to review it, let us know! It has to be published (so that our readers can find it and read it if they think it sounds like their jam) and we don't buy books to review them (we mostly rely on libraries or free e-books) but we would love to read your book!

Updated Saturday, 5-14-14

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