Saturday, March 2, 2013

By Its Cover: The Lesser Evil, Pt. 1

Yesterday, we reviewed Shane Smith's graphic novel, The Lesser Evil, Pt. 1. Today, we'll take a look at the cover:

I really like this cover. The colors (or general lack thereof), the geometry, the placement of the title and author name... It is very appealing to me. If I saw this on a library or bookstore shelf, I would approach it. (Like I said yesterday, it's not my type of fiction, so I might not have gone further than that, but it at least would have caught my attention enough to make me curious.)

I also really like the font. It isn't too futuristic/spacey and it isn't overly complicated; it's simple but interesting, and gets the job done (which is to tell me, from a reasonable distance, what the book is called).

Beyond that, though, it is not immediately apparent what the book is about. It doesn't need to be; not every book calls for that. I feel like this book doesn't call for that, so the fact that the cover isn't explicit is perfectly fine.

I agree with Alex about the fact that the stark colors really do wonders for this cover.  It's simple, not overly complicated, but it gets your attention.  It's interesting.

While it doesn't EXPLICITLY tell you anything about the book, I like that the cover kind of foreshadows the drawing style of the book.  Contrasting black and white.  I think it's well done.

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