Saturday, March 30, 2013

By Their Covers: Epilogue and I See

Since we reviewed two books - our own books! - this week, we have two covers to look at in this post... and I designed them both!

This is the cover to my book, Epilogue. There isn't much to it, probably because I designed it right before I submitted the files to Amazon to publish it. I don't intend for anyone to actually buy it (I honestly only published it to get my five free copies for winning NaNoWriMo) so I just wanted something mildly interesting that would help me identify it on my shelf.

Near the climax of the story, our group comes across a giant brick wall they can't cross. It doesn't even get mentioned until at least halfway through the book (more likely longer than that) so it isn't the best thing to focus on for the cover. Maybe a crumbling brick wall would be better symbolism, since we're talking about the end of the world here (the epilogue of mankind).

Before I read the book (and, to be clear, I had barely the vaguest sense of what the book was about.  Alex and I would discuss our NaNos while writing them, but only when things happened/we were stuck/we needed to talk things out), I figured a wall was going to be a big deal.

And it was!  But, to be fair, the wall came in the middle of the book and is probably not as big of a deal as Alex originally intended.  I think the font is a good choice, and even better to make it stand out with the black bar across the cover.

Because I'm a graphic designer, Cassy asked me to do her cover, too. She sent me the drawing of the eyes (I think her sister did that for her) and I threw something together for her, knowing only the outline of her story.

I think this is more eye-catching than mine; if I saw this on the shelf at the bookstore, I would at least pick it up to see what it's about, if nothing else.

My book is all about the things Cassandra sees, what she doesn't see, even what she THINKS she sees.  The eyes, (which, Alex is right, my sister Kristina drew them) are meant to be Cassandra's.  I think the bright colors really go well.  A. because I like orange, so that makes it awesome.  And B. because... I don't know.  It's eye catching (no pun intended.)

Also, if you want to buy my book and read it, I won't complain.  It would, after all, help fund my wedding. :)  You can buy the Kindle version here.


  1. I was gonna comment the other day, but my computer wasn't working on my parents' internet for some weird reason. x.x

    Obviously, I'm partial to Cassy's cover. But I have to say, and no offense meant Alex, that I wasn't all that into the orange-->yellow gradient. I think it clashes with the colors in the eyes. I probably would have used darker oranges to match the hair colors...or something else entirely.

    1. Well, you CAN read kindle books on your computer (just download the app.)

      I only tell you this because I think that the paperback version is ridiculously overpriced (mainly because they wouldn't let me sell it for any lower.)

      The kindle version is $4. XD

    2. I'm aware.

      What does that have to do with what I said...?

    3. Hahaha, I responded to the wrong thing. That was meant for a different person. XD