Thursday, December 19, 2013

Edmund Wilson Quote

I stumbled across a piece of art posted by a Facebook friend the other day that used this quote as its focus, and I thought it was something I should share here:

"No two persons ever read the same book."
Edmund Wilson

Isn't that just the epitome of this blog? Sure, Cassy and I are reading the same words arranged in the same order, but we bring our own knowledge, experiences, and emotions to the metaphorical table while reading them.

And if you read the books that we review, you too will have a different experience from those that we have.

It's the magic of books! (Sure, the same thing applies to movies, but to a lesser degree because much of the visual and audio imagination is removed.)

I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the awesome differences between reading experiences, not only between me and Cassy, but between every reader in the world.

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