Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Favorite Cookbook

First things first...

Merry Christmas!

Now... let us tell you about our favorite cookbooks!

I know a lot of people swear by Betty Crocker or Julia Child as having written the cookbook you need to own... but for me, it's the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.

If you just moved out of your parents' place and you're trying to figure out the basics, like baking a potato or hard-boiled eggs or the basics of food safety (cross-contamination, knife handling, storage guidelines) you need this book.

If you've been making the same ten dishes for dinner for a year and you're bored, you need this book.

If you have a potluck or family dinner or any other event where you need to whip something up to share with people, you need this book.

It's just one of those old standbys that might sit on the kitchen shelf gathering dust for years at some point, but when you need it, you're so glad you know exactly where it is.

Full disclosure? I don't own this cookbook. But I think every other household in my family does.

Are you a lazy cooker?  Do you have a crock pot?  Then Fix-it-and-forget-it is the cookbook that you need in your life.

Honestly, I love my crock pot.  I use it all the freakin' time and I cook so many things in it.  Chicken, pork, steak, anything.  You can cook ANYTHING in a crock pot.

I own Fix it and forget it lightly, if you're someone looking to watch your figure, but I also want fix it and forget it five ingredients.  All of the recipes in the book are five ingredients or less.

There's a ton of different versions of the cookbook and they're all amazing.  I was given my copy of it by someone who had two.  Really, crock pots are amazing and so is this cookbook.

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