Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Favorite Dinosaur

This week, we're going to deviate a little from literature-related favorites to talk dinosaurs.

I know the velociraptors in the Jurassic Park movies are inaccurately portrayed. And I don't care, because they're REALLY COOL. They should be smaller, and feathered, or called Utahraptors, but I love them just the way they are.

They're so smart. They hunt in packs. They communicate with audible language. They're fast (see the name "velociraptor"). They're terrifying. They're an excellent way to judge the safety of any place you find yourself. Perhaps the best part is, they're humanized in the third movie (with the whole stolen egg ordeal).

If they weren't so deadly, I'd want to hang out with these dinosaurs. Because they're the cool kids of Jurassic Park.

Close runners-up for me: gallimimus (who doesn't love a dinosaur whose name means "chicken mimic"?) and the pteranodons (flying dudes in JP3) and parasauralophus (the ones with the swoosh thing on their heads that get chased down by the hunters with the horribly designed Jeeps in JP3) because they look pretty awesome too. I know, they all come from Jurassic Park 3. But Spielberg does amazing work; what can I say?

I love the brontosaurus.  He's big and bad ass and, let's face it, there were very few herbivores that put up any sort of fight.  The fact that they could take on pretty much everything thing (really, only T-Rex and Utahraptors gave them any real competition, and not even very often) just makes them that much cooler in my book.

Now I know what you're going to say.  "Cassy, there is no brontosaurus; they're all the apatosaurus."

Not true!  Earlier this year, the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History discovered that the huge set of bones that they said WASN'T a brontosaurus? Turns out, it actually was.  The bones are a different branch of the apatosaurus line, a dino all their own.  So, just like Pluto, looks like the bronto is back.

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