Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Favorite Fictional Doctor

I might like Bones (Leonard McCoy) from Star Trek more because of the characters he's surrounded by, the fictional universe he's set in, and the excellent casting choice of Karl Urban (a true chameleon... seriously, go look at his filmography in IMDb, you'll be surprised by at least one thing, I'm sure). But I still love the character, too.

He's funny, he's genuine, he's a loyal officer and friend to Kirk, and he gives pretty good advice when called upon to do so. On top of all that, he also seems to be a great doctor, in a time when that means knowing not only all the anatomy/physiology/epidemiology/etc. about humans, but also all that stuff about dozens of other more-or-less andromorphic species. (Bear in mind that I'm only talking about the Abrams version... I don't know the original well enough to make any comments on his character.)

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