Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Favorite World War II Book

I hardly even had to think about what book to choose for this.  And I've only talked about The Book Thief about a million and one times.  The book is beautiful and wonderful and makes me sob like a baby every time.  It has one of the best friendships in it of all time between Rudy and Lisel.  And the best part is the narration.  Zusak has Death narrating the whole book, which gives it that extra poignancy.

Honestly, I really just like Zusak's writing (he has this way of ending his books so everything just comes together in the best, most perfect fashion), but this book just really is beautiful and it's because, despite all the horrors going on in the world, despite everything happening, there is so much love in this book, so much friendship, so much devotion, it just makes your heart ache.

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