Friday, May 22, 2015

Where's The Review?

I know that most of you are expecting a review right now because, well, Alex and I have been reviewing books for close to three years now.  We have some GREAT followers and readers and read some great books over those years (and even some not so great books.)

The only photo of Alex and I that wasn't from 2008
(and also illustrates what an awesome friend she is because 
she's helping me get my veil off.)

But, when Alex and I started this blog we both had a lot less going on in our lives.  Now we have jobs  (which I was lacking when we started) and we have husbands (which we were both lacking when we started) and a million things going on, so the blog is going to go through a little bit of a change.

Does this mean the blog is disappearing?  NOT AT ALL!  Alex and I will still be around, telling you about our favorite books.  We're just going to be shaving it down to about once a month, instead of once a week.

We're still going to all the great things the week of the review we've always done (author bios, favorites, little tidbits of info from both of us), but our lives have gotten to the point we can't do it weekly anymore, just the last week of the month.

But that doesn't mean you should totally tune us out!  We still want to share great books, and great writing events with you and even want to still give you things in the future.  Even though we will only be posting a REVIEW once a month, Alex and I are going to be sporadically posting throughout the month about books that we really love and you might even start seeing some new faces around here.

So stick around and we'll keep bringing you books.

Like this one!  Next week is the last week of the month, so keep and eye out for our review!

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