Thursday, November 29, 2012

NaNo Tips Week 4- Congratulate Yourself.


We have now been through four grueling weeks of NaNoWriMo.  At this point in time, if you've kept up, you should have 48,333 words written.  Some of you may have more, some of you may have less.  I'm here to tell you

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you wrote 25,000 words or 250,000 words (and yes, some people write that many.)  The point is, you sat down and committed yourself to a whole lot of words in one month.  You came up with a plot and characters and trials and tribulations.  You fought for those characters and put them in incredibly awkward situations and even maybe killed a few off.  So even if you didn't make it to 50,000, don't be discouraged.  25,000 is half of a book and something to be proud of.  You're halfway there and, maybe next year, you'll make it the last leg of the journey.

For those of you who did hit the 50K mark, that's amazing!  I know it's been a hectic month, but now take a break and think about those revisions.  I hope you didn't think the work stopped here!  Now is the time to look and see where it could use improvements, what could be cut and fixed and tweaked to make your book into the best that it could be.

So congrats to all the NaNo Participants this year.  Pour yourself a glass of champagne no matter how many words you wrote and we'll see you here next year, ready to put in another 50K.

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