Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cherie Priest

I thought that, since we covered steampunk on Monday, I'd take the time to talk about our author this week, Cherie Priest!

Cherie Priest was born in Tampa, FL and currently resides in Chattanooga, TN.  She has an M.A. in rhetoric and professional writing and did a few years of writing for a blog and now is a staff member of Subterranean Press.

Boneshaker was actually not her first novel, though it was her most famous to date.  It's what she's currently known for.  However, she had a novel, a series of them actually, before Boneshaker ever came about.

  • Four and Twenty Blackbirds,
    • Original edition, 2003 
    • Re-released in a revised, much expanded, edition, 2005
  • Wings to the Kingdom, October 2006
  • Not Flesh Nor Feathers, October, 2007

She won the LuLu Broker prize for this series.  It actually is heavy in the horror genre, much of what Priest wrote before she began to dabble in the steampunk genre.  Between her first book and Boneshaker, she actually wrote numerous amounts of short stories.

  • 'The Heavy', a short story. Published in Apex Digest Issue #12, March 2008.
  • 'The Target Audience', a short story. Published in Noctem Aeternus January, 2008.
  • 'Following Piper', a short story. Published in Subterranean Digest issue #6.
  • 'Little Wards', a short story. Published in The Edge of Propinquity . June 2006
  • 'The Immigrant', a short story, part of Mythic #2, October 2006 Mythic Delirium Books.
  • 'Bad Sushi', a short story. Published in Apex Digest, Issue #10.
  • 'Wishbones', a short story, part of Aegri Somnia. December 2006 Apex Digest. 
  • 'Tanglefoot', a short story, published online by Subterranean Press, 2009. First release of the Clockwork Century universe.
  • 'Hell’s Bells,' Grant’s Pass, Morrigan Books 2009
  • 'The Catastrophe Box', a short story Son of Retro Pulp Tales, Subterranean Press 2010
  • 'Reluctance', a short story, part of "The Mammoth Book of Steampunk", first published in the UK by Robinson, an imprint of Constable & Robinson Ltd, 2012

In 2009, she came out with Boneshaker, the book that we're going to be reviewing this week.  Since 2009, she has written four other novels in the Boneshaker universe, though it was Boneshaker that really caused her writing to take off.

  • Boneshaker, October 2009
  • Clementine, July 2010
  • Dreadnought, September 2010
  • Ganymede, September 2011
  • The Inexplicables, November 2012

Priest actually keeps a very consistent blog.  From there, you can access her twitter account, her Livejournal, her Facebook, her Flickr stream, her Goodreads page, her Youtube channel, and her Google+ account.  She is probably one of the most well connected writers to her fan base, not to mention significantly busy keeping up all those venues.  Those are probably the best places to find out more about her, her writings and her tour dates.

Happy Reading!

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