Thursday, December 13, 2012

Steampunk Aesthetic

On Monday, we discussed what steampunk is. It's hard to describe in words (though Cassy did an excellent job); it's something that's easier to show than tell. And I'm happy to announce that I found the perfect demonstration...

I learned that Cherie Priest (as you should recall from Tuesday, she's the author of tomorrow's review book, Boneshaker) curated a Pinterest board full of steampunky goodness, and you can see it here. (The images below were taken from her board.)

Oh my - this is darling...
Ranging from simple...

Steampunk Gold. YOWZA. complex.

This might be my favorite from the board, though:

the Librarian by ~Kraken-Steelklaw on deviantART
From Kraken-Steelklaw on Deviant Art,
titled "The Librarian"

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