Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Best Book Sites

If you haven't noticed already, Alex and I are pretty crazy about books.  Besides our own super awesome site that you should visit on a daily basis, I'm going to tell you about some super awesome book related sites that you might also like (but that are clearly not nearly as cool as ours is. ;))

I found this site a few months ago and it's exactly what it says it is: eye candy for the book lover.  It has unique, fun and just awe-inspiring bookshelves.  It shows bookshelf furniture, bookshelves in library, and even has a few other links and videos interjected about books along the way.  It's a great site for when you want to drool over books, or just plan your future library.

Goodreads is probably one of the best sites to track and interact.  You can look up every one of your books, keep track of not only what you've read, but what you want to read and where you are in your book.  Your friends can see what you're reading and they can comment.  You can review things, and even enter to win books.  It's a great site with a huge base.

On this site, a few photographers wander around NYC subways and take pictures of people reading books.  It's a fascinating looking into people and their tastes.  Not to mention, demolishing your preconceived ideas of people.  It has everything from dad's reading parenting books to middle school girls reading Pride & Prejudice.  It's fun and inspiring and definitely worth checking out.

Some other sites that I haven't followed, but come on good authority:

Bookshelf Porn actually made it onto the NYTimes best bloggers of 2012 list.  So I decided to take a peek and here are two blogs I found that are right up our alley.

Alex is very graphic novel happy, and I know a few of you are really into it, so this could be a really great blog for you.  They cover everything from DC to Marvel to online comics.  They get into the comic culture and update you on other news in the biz.

While we would never advocate leaving us for another review blog, Omnivoracious offers an insight that a lot of other sites don't.  Run by the editors at Amazon.com, the cover everything from interviews, to the best books and even do things like review cookbooks.  Best of all, they encourage critique through comments, really letting their readers have a voice.

Bonus (slightly) book-related site:

This is a site I came across a number of years ago and, while not specifically book related, entirely useful.  It's a HUGE compilation of the most common errors people make in the written English language.  It's categorized by letter, so it makes what you're looking for incredibly easy to find.  Having trouble with affect/effect?  It covers that.  Constantly make a lot one word?  Covers that too.  It even covers common sayings that people say or use incorrectly (such as mute/moot point.)  Bookmark this site because, I promise, you'll use it more than you ever thought.

Those are just a few of the sites we love here at ReviewMeTwice.  Most of all, we just love books.  Have a book blog or a site that you visit all the time?  Just drop us a comment!  We always love looking at things that have to do with books.

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