Saturday, July 20, 2013

By Its Cover: Rechenka's Eggs

This is a wonderful book cover. It tells you everything you could want to know about a picture book before you crack it open. The drawing style is right there on the cover, and for some kids, that's enough to make or break a picture book. (I never liked books drawn with too much realism; I like bold lines and bright colors, what can I say? I'm a Mondriaan fan.)

The font (and the name "Rechenka") lends itself to the Russian culture theme, and the two main objects in the story - the goose and the eggs - are right there, saying "this book is about us."

There's something so wonderful about how straightforward a picture book's cover can be (partly because the story is short and can usually be summed up in one image, and partly because it's already illustrated and therefore an image is a great way to introduce it) and I appreciate that.

I agree with everything Alex said.  This is a wonderful cover and it's so COLORFUL.  Let's face it; as kids, we're attracted to bold, beautiful colors.  And the more interesting a book cover is, the more likely I was as a kid to pick a book up.  (Ok, I'm still kind of like that as an adult, but at least I read the descriptions now.)  The eggs on the cover draw the eye, and the detail keeps it there.

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