Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Types of Comedy

There are all kinds of ways to be funny. And people laugh at all sorts of things. But today, I'm going to just list a few of the ways that people use to make us laugh.

Slap-stick humor

 This is probably one of my least favorite kinds of comedy. However, my Fiance loves it. He thinks that it's just hysterical. The Three Stooges were masters of slapstick comedy. There are also a series of movies that rely heavily on slapstick, like Airplane and the Scary Movie franchise.


Who hasn't used a little sarcasm in their lives?  It's a dry sort of humor, saying the opposite of what you really mean, but in such a way that the person your talking to realizes you're not series.  Ten Thing I Hate About You was a movie that relied heavily on sarcasm (and is one of my favorites.  Mmmmm Heath Leadger.)

Laugh-At-Life Humor

This is where our author this week, Dave Barry, usually falls into.  He takes real situations in life and writes them in such a way that you can't help but fall on the floor laughing.  He will often talk about his dog, or his children and the comical things that arise out of being a father.

"Bathroom" humor

Is it inappropriate?  Are their fart and boob jokes?  Then it's probably bathroom humor.  Cyanide and Happiness uses a lot of this kind of humor and no topic is unholy (they make everything from fart jokes to cancer jokes.)


Probably the most simple and basic kind of humor, puns are easy and can be hysterical if you tell the right one.  It also takes a certain kind of person (my old roommate can't get enough of puns, but another friend of mine can't stand them and threatens me with certain death when I tell them.)

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