Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm Writing A Short Novella Novel

We've ll heard the terms, and we've probably read all three of them, but really, what IS the difference between the three?

Let's start off with the smallest.  Short stories usually only consist of one or two characters, in a very limited setting.  It's very focused on character development because there isn't really anything else to do.  If it gets to long, it's not considered a short story anymore.  Short stories usually sit at less than 10,000 words, and sometimes not even that many.  They tend to be focused entirely on one character and some internal struggle that their having.  Check out Alex and I's favorite short stories post to get some good examples

Novella's are what we are reading this week.  They're longer than short stories, but aren't quite the length of a novel.  Between 15 and 40,000 words is usually where an author should be keeping it.  Also, they tend to take place over very short periods of time, a day or a week.  This week, Anthem by Ayn Rand is considered a novella, so if you check back in on Friday, you'll see our review.

A novel is usually 50,000 words (as we all know from Alex and I's frequent interactions with NaNoWriMo.)  It can take place over the course of one day (Ulysses) or many, many years (Rhapsody).  There are usually an entire cast of characters, and there's also no limit to the amount of words that you can have.  It's not like there's anything past a novel.  If you hit over 100,000 words you're just writing a very LONG novel.

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