Thursday, August 14, 2014


Well, crap.

See, guys, I wanted to find something interesting to write about for you today, but something related to the book we're reading, like we usually do. There's just so much about this book, though, that I needed some help narrowing down what to focus on. As I've done before, I went to Wikipedia for some guidance.

Don't do that if you haven't finished reading a book but you plan on finishing it. Seriously.

As of this writing, I've read 211 of the 263 pages of my copy of Kindred, and just by skimming the Wikipedia page about the novel, I accidentally found out about two huge plot points that haven't happened yet.

So, like I said... crap.

I could write at length about spoilers, but I'll save that for another day. I have a lot to say about them, and honestly, I'd rather save the time I'd take to write about spoilers, and reallocate it toward reading the rest of the book, since there is some really interesting stuff coming up... apparently.

I just need River to follow me around, is all.

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  1. One of the best and worst things about the internet is its inclusiveness when it comes to literature and TV. I loved, for example, the forums on where the fans would debate each an every little thing and dig for symbolism and deeper meanings. I felt very connected to this cool community of people who shared my passion.Its bad on the other hand, when it come to things like Game of Thrones. I know that since the books have been out forever its a little harder to criticize, but if I want to go back and look up something that happened or try to remember some little detail, there is almost always some sort of spoiler information out there. This is the reason I knew of pretty much every major event ahead of time. I like reading the books and watching the show, but I've had future book things spoiled just as much as show things. Also, River Song, probably the saddest companion/story line to date. :)