Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Local Authors

Local authors can be really cool things because, well, they're people you recognize and support your community and basically you're really proud of them for being published.

What's more, a lot of local authors can actually be WAY more famous than you think that they are.  Our author this week, Randall Munroe, is actually a local author for Alex and I.  He went to college with both of us, and Alex actually knew him (he was the roommate of a boyfriend of one of our friends.)  Though he no longer lives in the area, Christopher Newport is where he got his start.

David Baldacci has written a ton of books that pretty much always land on the NYTimes best seller list.  He writes about a book a year and he lives in Northern, VA!  Which is why, every time he has a new book out, my Barnes & Noble is the first stop on his signing tour!  He's been in the store a bunch of times and is very active in the community.

Kwame Alexander is a local author.  Who is Kwame Alexander you might ask?  Well, he is this year's Newbery Award winner!  And he lives just a hop skip and a jump away from the Barnes & Noble store.  The name of his book is The Crossover, a basketball book written in verse.  He is currently residing in the Reston, VA area.

Who are some local authors in your area?

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