Saturday, May 25, 2013

By Its Cover: Cold Mountain

This is one of those covers that fits the title, but probably not a lot else.  You can see the rolling mountains in the background. If you've never seen the Appalachian Mountains, that's pretty much what they look like.  They're much smaller than, say, the Rockies, and they're very ROUND on top.  For a mountain range, it's not very big. (As Alex once told me when I mentioned I had to drive over a mountain every day, "That's not a mountain.  It's a big hill.")

The blue and black is a nice touch because, well, a large chunk of this novel takes place during the winter time.  It gets cold and snowy.  Besides, it's called COLD mountain, so I feel like putting such cool colors on the cover was a good idea.

It's a simple cover, but I think that's kind of good for this book.  It's not trying to be flashy or be something it's not.  It's almost as if the book is telling you, "I don't need a flashy cover.  You're going to like me for my writing."

I agree with Cassy on every point with this cover. The image doesn't need to be complex; the subtle Appalachian Mountains background is enough to get the point across. Besides, the titular mountain is more of a metaphor for simpler, happier times in the book than about the literal place (although they're rolled into one) so we don't need a literal, clear image of the mountain.

Also, this book is known. It's award-winning, best-selling, instant classic... all those cliches they put on covers. So it could have a plain color cover and it would still work, because you know what Cold Mountain is.

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