Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Famous Vampires

Since this week were reading The Petrosian Invasion, a book about vampires, I decided to give you a list of the more well-known vampires.  Most of them are literary vamps, but some aren't.  All of them are awesome.

What kind of blogger would I be if I did not include the most famous vampire of them all?  Bram Stolker's Dracula is really what put the vampires on the map.  He's the first vampire that comes to everyone's mind, the first to make it to the big screen, and the first that has stood the test of time.  And while the heroic speeches in the book get a little out of hand, Dracula is still a dangerous thing to behold.

I've mentioned Anita Blake on here a few times.  Jean-Claude is the vampire that she just can't seem to shake.  He is absolutely besotted with her, and is continually trying to woo her.  Unfortunately for him, Anita is an independent woman who has killed more than a few vampires and wants to separate herself from the monsters as much as possible... and that certainly doesn't include dating one.

While Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt may be pictured, Anne Rice's Lestat and Louis are the ones that have stolen our hearts.  Lestat is on a continual quest to gain more power, to push the envelope of the vampire society, while Louis, well, just wants to go back to being human again.

Unless you were dead in the '90s (or in an extreme state of vegetation), you knew about Angel, our heart-throb of a vampire with a soul.  He was sweet and wonderful and OH SO TORTURED!  Not to mention, when he got his own spin off show from Buffy, provided us with the best clip ever (and pretty much sums up the whole show in one minute.)

Who is your favorite vampire?

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