Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Signs Related to Reading

No, I don't know ASL... but I'm learning. And one of my favorite resources ever is The guy who created the website does an excellent job of explaining the subtle differences between similar signs, breaking down complex signs into tiny pieces, and demonstrating how to incorporate signs into sentences.

Here's a great example: read.
(There is also a short video for each sign, but I can't link directly to certain pages of the dictionary.)

Sometimes the signs are illustrated instead of demonstrated, especially for simpler signs, like book.

I simply wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't show you how to say library:
Easy, right? You can say librarian by adding the following after you say library:
(That part is kind of like "agent" but it gets used for a lot of signs that boil down to "a person who works in a [type of building/establishment]".)

Now go practice! And a huge thank you to Dr. Bill, creator of the amazing

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