Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Seeing Ned Vizzini

We're concentrating a lot on Vizzini this week, one because we're reviewing his book, but we're reviewing it due to his passing recently.  Since many of you probably didn't know much about him before this week (or had even heard of him), I'm going to link you to a few of the interviews that he's done throughout his life.


This one is from the LA Girls Teen Fest.  It's a pretty standard interview, but he does talk a little bit about his battles with depression and also tell the interviewer who his fantasy crush is.

Below is a video that was taking at the San Diego Comic Con.  It's a fun interview and you get to see what he's like in person.

That one is nice because he talks about what it's like to co-author a book and also about the other things that he's done, like books he's written and movies that his books were being turned into.

There are a million and one interviews with him out there, these are just some of the ones that I liked.

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