Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Little Comic Fun

So, because I work at Barnes & Noble, you guys get a lot of info about the place (for instance, when I let you in about their summer reading program.)

I figured, since we're reading a graphic novel this week, I would bring up the super hero days going on at work!

This Wednesday we're doing Batman day and, if you are oh so lucky to live where I live, you could come in and see me in some awesome Batman stuff (and if not... well, I might post a picture.)

Do you like Superman?  Think DC is WAY better than Marvel?  Well, then head out to the DC comics days, Wednesday to Sunday.  There will be all sorts of DC Comics fun, not to mention special products on sale and some cool free prizes.

Alternatively, there's a Marvel Comics day, for all those DC haters.  On the second of August, you can come out and do all the same things the DC kids did, only cooler because you're Marvel.

And if you have kids, Frozen day is a big thing.  August first there's going to be all sorts of games an activities associated with Disney's Frozen.

I know this seems like one big paid advertisement, but I know a lot of you are comic fans out there, so I just wanted to keep you in the know.  There are more activities, events and themed days going on than the ones I've mentioned, but you'll just have to go to the website to find out about them.

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