Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Least Favorite Graphic Novel

Usually when Wednesday comes along, we let you know about the things that we love best.

But, this week, Alex and I figured we'd change it up a little and tell you our LEAST favorite.  And, since we're reading a graphic novel this week, the best idea was to tell you our least favorite graphic novel.

Ok, we shouldn't be surprised that the Twlight graphic novel was bad.  I mean, the books were terrible, so we shouldn't expect much more out of the graphic novels.  And I really didn't, storyline wise, but I figured that the art might be nice and, ok, there was a part of me that was morbidly curious.  So I read it.

I can forgive the bad story line that has even more plot holes than the original story (seriously.  Nothing about James & his crew at all until they're trying to kill Bella.)  But the thing that really annoyed me, really made this the worst graphic novel ever, was that the art was terrible.  Half the time, it looked like the characters were drawn over picture-like backgrounds.  It didn't look like anyone had actually drawn them.

Also, the white washing that happened in this book was so ridiculously bad.  Say what you will about the book, there is a surprising amount of diversity (well... at least in the movie, and Stephanie Meyer had a say in a lot of it, so I have to assume she approved of the casting choices.  It's not like she describes the characters in the book.)  Everyone was the same color, ethnic background.  I almost expected them all to be one gender!!!

Seriously, the books are terrible.  Don't even pick them up for the morbid curiosity.

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