Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Favorite Manga

I was a manga whore when I was a teenager.  I probably read more manga/watched more anime than was entirely healthy for a kid, but that just means I am adequately prepared to tell you my favorite manga today!

Yuu Watase wrote Alice 19th, though she is more widely known for her series Fushugi Yugi.  I liked Alice 19th better, 1. because it was only 6 books long as opposed to 18, and I just liked the story line better than Fushugi Yugi.

Alice ends up having what are called "Lotus Powers," which basically means she can see into the hearts of people and heal them.  She inadvertently makes her sister disappear, and spends the rest of the series trying to save her.  Kyo is the boy she falls for, but inevitably can't be with because... well, reasons.  Mainly because it's Manga and there's always a reason your two main characters can't be together until the Last Possible Moment.

Overall, it's a good series, as Ms. Watase is prone to have.

I... don't read manga. I know, I'm a huge fan of graphic novels and comics and all sorts of other visual reading material... but I just don't read manga. I had a bunch of friends in high school who were really into the Japanese thing (anime, manga, Lolita, the whole deal) but I guess my inner hipster didn't want me getting into the same thing as everyone else. So if you need guidance on which manga you might enjoy, Cassy's your gal, not me. Sorry, guys!

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