Monday, August 12, 2013

Author Bio - David Sheff

We're already a little familiar with this week's author, David Sheff.  A few weeks ago, we reviewed the book Tweak by his son, Nic Sheff, and we got to see David through Nic's eyes.

This week, we get to see the opposite view.  We get to see David's view of Nic and his addiction.  

While Beautiful Boy was David's first book, it was actually based off an article that he wrote for the NY Times about his son's addiction.  Since Beautiful Boy (which has won a litany of awards, including Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year from Entertainment Weekly), he has written a book called Clean.  It's a hard look into addiction and how it can be treated, how it can be prevented and how it's a disease, not a failure of your parenting.

David is actually a journalist that has written for many publications; everything from the NY Times to Playboy and as interviewed celebrities such as John Lennon and Jack Nicholson.  He's currently living in California with his wife and two younger children, Jasper and Daisy, who Nic mentioned in Tweak.

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