Saturday, August 24, 2013

By Its Cover - I Am Number Four

The first time I saw this cover I thought sun, mostly.  Off planet (mainly because I had read the inside flap and knew there were aliens involved.)  It just seems bright, but really ominous at the same time.  Even the title, "I Am Number Four" doesn't sound good.  It sounds like it's a death sentence (which, I guess since they killed off 1 - 3, it is kind of a death sentence.)

After reading it, I realize the brightness of the cover is probably supposed to signify Four's growth of powers.  He gains the ability to make his hands light up and be impervious to fire and I kind of think that the cover was more going for that then the, "We're all going to die" aesthetic.

But I'm not totally writing the "we're all going to die" thing off.

I had vaguely paid attention to the trailers when the movie came out, so I knew there were teenagers and superpowers involved, but that was the long and short of it.

The cover looks, at first glance, angry and exciting and action-y. There is danger (red!) and action (yellow!) and more danger (fractured-looking text!)

A second glance only confirms all of this. "Three are dead. I am number four." Foreboding, no?

It's a fairly nondescript cover that could be for any of a number of books (particularly in the YA sci-fi family) but I think they get a little better as the series continues. Just look at The Power of Six and The Rise of Nine:


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