Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fantastical Fun

We've reviewed one or two fantasy books on this blog before.  (Ok, only about two, but still.  It's there.)  Alex talked to you about world building, so I won't really get into that.  I'm going to show you some of the fun fantasy things from around the internets.

Come see Jim Hines, Fantasy author who also moonlights as a fantasy cover model.

"Cassy, why on earth did you just send me to a site with a creepy guy posing in creepy ways?"  If anyone has ever seen a fantasy cover ever, they know that woman are put in the most ludicrous positions ever on the cover.  So, to highlight that fact, this awesome dude decided to replicated them on his own.

And, just to be fair to both the sexes, Hines also did the male covers, really highlighting how RIDICULOUS the women poses are and how... well, less ridiculous the male poses are.

What would one of these posts be without a name generator?  If you just type "Fantasy Name Generator" into Google, you get about a million, most of them profiling World of Warcraft (which, just for the record, is evil.)  However, this one is pretty good and it gave me names like "Mocaror" and "Drarggrornkon".  Is it just me, or are fantasy names notoriously hard to pronounce?

Of course, there's always a list.  This one from Goodreads isn't terrible.  At the very least, a Twilight book doesn't show up until #35, and even then, it's the Bree Tanner book.

I typed "Twilight Sparkle" into Google expecting 8 Million Edward Pictures.
Imagine my pleasant surprise when I found a bunch of PONIES!!

Hey guys!  Let's talk the Twilight Drinking Game!!  (PS, if that link doesn't work, let me know.)  Now, of course, Alex and I would neeeever endorse excessive drinking.  *Shifty eyes*  But, let's face it, if you're going to read Twilight, you need a way to get through it, so start downing those shots, my friends!

And, just because I like to end on a crazy high note, I once again give you the Anne Rice Monster Freak Out.

Now, really, you didn't think I'd mention Twilight that much and not give you a sparkle gif, did you?

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