Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Favorite Superhero Comic

I've never been big on superheroes in the traditional sense. I prefer the recent gritty reboots over the traditional, brightly-colored, morals-teaching, spandex-and-tights versions of old favorites. I love the modern twists on the superhero genre, like Kick-Ass. So superhero comics are just about the only comics / graphic novels I don't read. But I loved Watchmen.

Alan Moore is a genius, but that goes without saying. Watchmen has everything it should have: homage to what came before it; unexpected character and plot developments; balance between characters and tones. It's a fantastic example to use when you're trying to explain to people that comics are literature, too.

And the movie was okay.

I am going to be oddly specific with my choice.  Storm's Mini-Series in the late 1990s.

Actually, this is NOT the comic series I'm talking about, 
but I couldn't find a pictures of those.

I am a huge, huge, huge, HUGE fan of Storm's.  Ok, so maybe I exaggerate a little, but she's awesome.  She's just so badass and, let's face it, there are very few super heroes who can fight her with any sort of success.  She can electrocute you.  Or throw a tornado your way.

I really liked her first mini-series because she's not as prevalent as some of the others (even though she was one of the first X-Men), so this really gave us a chance to get to know STORM and see what STORM could do.

Storm also has more of a background than the other X-Men.  Storm was buried alive with her dead parents for three days after an earthquake, resulting in extreme claustrophobia   She was living on the streets before she met Xavier, as a thief, because she's a BAD ASS.  You get to really hear about her past in this and see how she doesn't let it control her.  She comes to terms with a lot of the things she did in her life.

Overall, just a great series for a great characters.

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