Monday, November 25, 2013

Author Bio: Lemony Snicket

Sure, his real name is Daniel Handler, but Lemony Snicket sounds so much better. Sounds kind of like a cookie to me. Handler says choosing his pen name was probably a Freudian slip, since it sounds very much like Jiminy Cricket, who is the kind of didactic goody-two-shoes narrator he hates (and Snicket is the opposite of that).

This is Snicket's author photo
Perhaps best known for the Series of Unfortunate Events featuring the Baudelaire children, Snicket has written dozens of other works, including the currently ongoing All the Wrong Questions series.

There's also the hilariously titled Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography (think about it a second... you'll get there).

One of his most interesting projects, I think, was when he wrote The Composer is Dead, which is a murder mystery intended to explain the instruments of the orchestra to children. The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra did a live performance with Handler narrating as Snicket. A recording of that performance is to be included with the expanded version of the book.

He has so many other projects, it would be extremely time-consuming and verbose (a word which here means "using too many words to be worth my time") to explain them all to you.

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