Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cassy on Picking a Title

As usual, full disclosure on this blog.  I've written a lot of books at this point (six years of doing NaNo.  I didn't actually finish all six books, but I DID hit the 50K writing goal, so it counts.)  The absolutely worst part, my least favorite thing to do, is to pick a title.

How do you sum up an entire book with just a few words?  Some people go with something very metaphorical and some people pick something very important to the story line (IE The Kite Runner.)

"I See" was the only book I ever published and I HATE the name.  I just don't think it really capture what the book is all about.  But I had to think of SOMETHING.  So that's what came out.

I think titles should be equally powerful as they are explanitory.  "I See" doesn't seem to really do either, but last year's novel had a good working title, "Time Thief."  In a story about a girl who time travels, it seemed appropriate.

So, I know we're supposed to be telling you how we go about naming titles, but I'm going to be honest: I don't really have a method.  Sometimes I am STELLAR at coming up with names (Review Me Twice, the actual name for the blog, was actually my idea.  Clearly a winner.)  Sometimes, I'm just a real flop at it.

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