Monday, March 17, 2014

Author Bio - Elizabeth Lowell and OUR WINNER!!

So, it's not often that I learn something out of these author bios (most of them are just the who/what/where and while I TECHNICALLY learn things, it's nothing surprising.)  However, I did learn something about Lowell that I was surprised, mainly because I've read a number of her things.

Her real name is Ann Maxwell.

Ok, so there are a lot of authors who take pseudonyms, but usually I KNOW about them, and I had no idea about hers.  She's written sci-fi, mystery, romance and even non-fiction.  She's actually quite well-versed in a lot of genres (which, I think I'll have to check out because I always thought that she would be a great writer if she managed to stop with the cliche romance novels.)

Lowell also has co-written a litany of books with her husband, Evan Maxwell (though, he seems to deal exclusively with crime/mystery novels.)

She has a BA in literature and, wrote her first novel because she had already read every single Science Fiction book in her library and at her local bookstore.  So she sat down and wrote a book she wanted to read.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, the WINNER of our box of books contest:


We'll send Colleen and email so she can claim her books!

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