Friday, March 7, 2014

Review Me Twice: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I am going to warn you right now: You are going to sob uncontrollably for about the last fifty pages of this book.  And no, that's not a spoiler.  It's a book about kids with cancer, you really thought that you would make it through without the tears?

You know why I love this book, though (other than the fact that it's by one of my top three authors who has yet to write a book I don't love)?  Because it's FUNNY.  That's right, Green wrote a book about cancer that's absolutely hysterical.  It's like he took the humor of Paper Towns and the sadness of Looking for Alaska and combined them into one glorious creation.

Part of the reason I love John Green it's he really reminds me that teens are PEOPLE, sometime more so than adults and sometimes, just sometimes, they have to be adults.  Hazel Grace is constantly worrying about her parents and the things she does and how it effects them because, inevitably, she sees the proverbial ax hanging over her head and knows what that's going to do to her parents when it finally drops.

Her and Augustus (also, I just want to point out that the names in this book are perfect and fabulous) fall in love it the best way ever.  It's slow and gradual and has so much friendship condensed into their love.

I love Green.  I love his books and the way he writes and the way that he always gives me ALL THE FEELS.  Seriously, every book.  Even if you don't pick this one up, you should pick up something else by him.  But this is a really good book to pick up.

Yeah, you'll sob at this book... if you aren't me. I didn't shed a single tear for this book. And I know it's not because I can't cry for book characters (go back and read Wednesday's post). It just didn't touch me. I didn't find it to be the tear-jerker everyone else seems to think it is. But that doesn't mean it wasn't good.

For once, I felt like Cassy reading a book... I knew everything that was going to happen before it did. It's a weird feeling for me, because I don't think ahead when I'm reading; I just let things happen.

I've read reviews of this book that say that John Green loves his characters in this book. I can see that (just something about the way they're written, and the fact that I've written characters I love too, and it doesn't do anyone any favors) but I don't like them very much. Hazel is kind of dumb (if she honestly didn't expect exactly what happened with her favorite author, she's really dumb) and Augustus is such a hipster, it hurts. I actually really liked their friend with eye cancer, but there isn't much of him. He shows up in the story when it's convenient, and that isn't very often.

This is clearly one of those times Cassy and I have totally different opinions of a book. I don't like anything specifically about this book, but I'm glad I finally read it, so there's that. I think some of Green's other books are probably better, and I plan to read some to find out.

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