Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mental Floss

It's no secret that we're pretty much in love with John Green around here.  He is, after all, fabulous.  But something else I like about him, is that he takes advantage of every social media outlet possibly available to him.  He has a twitter account, a Facebook account, a tumblr account and, my most favorite of all, a YouTube channel.

Most of his videos are lists, everything from debunking myths to telling you word origins, but sometimes he gets into politics or just random stuff.  He often does it with his brother Hank and he does it with such personality.  John Green is a funny person, not just a funny writing, and he's animated and he talks so fast your head spins, but it's awesome.

I'm just going to post one of my favorites here, but definitely check it out and watch a ton of them!

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