Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Favorite Book With Sex in It

Such scandalous topics, today here on Review Me Twice!!  Really, with a romance novel being the book we review this week, the whole week is turning out a little risqué.  So today, we're telling you our favorite book where our characters get hot and heavy.

I actually like this entire series.  Auel just does an amazing job with describing the world that she's created and bringing these characters to life and showing us a world where things that are natural are celebrated (sex, for instance.  They're not much for monogamy in this series and even have entire festivals dedicated to having sex.)

The Mammoth Hunters is probably my favorite book of the series, though, because there's a lot more CONFLICT.  And she keeps you in suspense up until the very last moment.  And while, yes, there's sex in the book, it's not quite as prevalent as in the other books (like Valley of the Horses, for instance, where they have sex about every three pages.)  I also love that females are in charge in this series.  Men respect them and their culture worships a mother goddess, which is pretty much just awesome, but Auel still manages to show you how that can be taken too far (In The Plains of Passage, they come upon a man hating tribe that basically only reproduces because women sneak in to have sex with their men.)

It's wonderfully written, so amazingly researched and, oh yeah, there's a whole lot of sex in it. ;)

Actually, the first book I thought of for this favorites post was the Clan of the Cave Bear series, too... but in the interest of diversifying your experience here at Review Me Twice, I made a different selection: Boy Meets Boy, by David Levithan. We've talked about it before, but never really discussed the fact that it has a sex scene. It was - I'm pretty sure - the first one I had read with two young men in it, and after I read that chapter, I remember thinking, "That was just like reading any other sex scene I've read before. Cool." (Actually, it wasn't like all others, because there's a whole emotional turmoil thing going on that puts it all in a different light, but you know what I mean.)

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  1. I have read several books with sex scenes in them, and I can't think of a favorite. I guess The Mists of Avalon would be the closest thing to a romance novel I've ever read, and it had some pretty good sex scenes if I remember correctly.