Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Favorite Science Book

Our book this week is very technical and sciency and such, so we're going with our favorite science books this week.

I love Mary Roach.  If you haven't read her, you really should, because she's probably one of my favorite non-fiction writers of all time (ok, so it's not like I have an over abundance of those, but you get my general point.)  She writes a lot of science books (Gulp is all about the anatomy of the mouth and our taste buds and we'll actually be reviewing it in a few months) but Stiff is BY FAR my favorite.  It talks all about cadavers and how we die, and what happens WHEN we die.

She also discusses the various things you can do WITH your body after your die.  Programs take lots of donated bodies.  One university takes bodies and decomposes them with different factors involved so, when we find murdered bodies, we can get a better estimate on how long they've been dead based on environmental factors.

It's really just a cool book to read and she presents it in the COOLEST way.  She writes really well and she is definitely a non-fiction author you should pick up (though maybe not THIS book if you happen to be squeamish.)

Here's a sneak peek into the future of the blog... we will be reviewing this book in the next couple months. So I actually won't go into too much detail. But What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions is factual and entertaining and all-around amazing. Plus, I have a signed copy, so that's really cool. The subtitle describes the book perfectly; Munroe answers silly questions with researched, scientifically accurate answers. Plus there are drawings in the style of his amazing webcomic, xkcd.

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