Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Favorite Super Hero.

This week, since so many of the characters in The Power of Six have super powers, we're picking our favorite super hero.  Pretty much every super hero originated in a comic, so that makes our topic for favorites today surprisingly literary.

Storm has always been one of my favorite comic book superheroes.  She's got an AWESOME super power, controlling the weather, which in my opinion, makes her one of the most powerful female super heroes.  Everyone says, "Wonder Woman is the most powerful" or "Jean Grey kicks ass" but both those women need to breathe, which you can't do in a tornado.

Alright, so maybe I'm over simplifying it, but she's really awesomely powerful, and she's bad-ass too.  I mean, she met Xavier by picking his pocket because she was living on the streets, stealing to survive because her parents had died in an earthquake (where she had gotten buried alive with them.  At the tender age of four.)  I MEAN COME ON!

She flies, she controls the lightning and rain and wind and she's very pro-women without being anti-men, which I think is always good.  Plus, she frequently has her own thing going on independently of the X-Men or she's with them, working as a team to protect the earth and its people.

I forget where I first got this from, but I remember hearing the argument somewhere that Batman is a better superhero than Superman because he's a regular person (albeit a particularly rich one who can afford all sorts of gadgets and toys) who chose to spend his time and money on helping people.
He can be over-dramatic, he can be excessively brooding, but he made a conscious decision to become a superhero, as opposed to the many, many superheroes who had superheroism thrust upon them because of being born with powers or having some sort of accident that gave them undeniable powers that threw them headfirst into being a superhero. And I think that makes him great.

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