Monday, January 12, 2015

Remember: Daniel Wilson?

In September of 2014 (so really, not all that long ago), we review Robopocalypse.  And, both Alex and I ADORED it.  It was World War Z with Robots.  Considering Alex has a distaste for Robots, it was kind of a big deal that she loved it as much as she did.

This week, we're reviewing the sequel to it, Robogenesis, which is kind of a big deal for one big reason.  Of all the books that we're reviewing this week, this one is probably the fastest turn around for its sequel.  We only reviewed the book back in September.  So there has only been about a four month gap in between when we read Robopocalypse and now Robogenesis (as opposed to later this month when we read Where She Went.  If I Stay was the SECOND book we ever read on the blog, making it the longest gap of all our sequels, about three years.)

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