Friday, January 23, 2015

Review Me Twice: The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

I have one neutral comment, two negative things, and two positive things to tell you about The Power of Six.

The neutral comment is that this is the kind of series you want to read in succession if you want the full experience. Lore doesn't spend a lot of time catching you up to what happened in the previous book, but he does throw in enough information that you don't have to reread the first one if you remember the important stuff.

For the first negative thing, I need to address what I wrote about yesterday. I told you about how empathetic villains are the best villains. Mogadorians are not empathetic villains. They are a children's story's villains. I was hoping for a little insight into their viewpoint in this book, but I got none.

The second negative thing is that I don't really understand why the title is about Six. The point of view alternates between Four (who the first book was named after) and Seven... So you'd think this one would be named after Seven? I don't know, that's a little nitpicky. But I still think it's odd.

I did like very much that we get to see FIVE of the Garde in this book (though one doesn't show up until there's about 50 pages left). It's nice to be able to start piecing them together.

And I also like that I very much believe all the occurrences. I believe that the characters behave the way they do, because they behave like normal, real-life people probably would. (Besides the whole "being the saviors of an alien race" part, that's not quite as normal.)

All in all, I'd say I'm going to read the rest of the books eventually, but I'm not chomping at the bit to go grab them right this very minute.

This installment of the book was very action packed.  There was lots of fighting and things going on, which was cool, and kept me reading, but I was hoping for a little more back story, which we didn't really get.  The big deal is always the opening of the chests, which was a big thing in this installment of the books, and really, it didn't yield much in the "what the hell happened" back story.

Unlike Alex, I assume "The Power Of Six" was more talking about the power of the six of them left, not necessisarily the power of Six herself.  Because they did talk a lot about what would happen when the remainder of them would get together and what it would mean when their legacies actually developed and what would happened when the, the remaining six, found each other.  Also, this book had more of the Loriens in it than the other, so frankly, I thought the title referred to more of the fact that there were six left that Six, but I really didn't think it was enough to name the book after it.

Despite these complaints I DID like it.  I liked getting to know other Loriens, I like getting the little back story we did get and the predicaments they seemed to get themselves into.  I like how everything ties together and the things we're discovering.  At the end of the day, it's only book two of a decently long series, so I guess I can't expect all the cards to be put out on the table.

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