Monday, February 25, 2013

Shane Smith

This week (this whole month really), we're focusing on NaNo writers.  These are writers that have published and all have asked us to review their books on our site.  Which, being the super awesome people we are, we readily agreed to it!

This week, Shane W. Smith is our author of choice (and by choice we mean that we were bribed with free books.  I mean, no!  Really, totally our choice.)  He wrote a graphic novel, The Lesser Evil, that we will be reviewing part one of at the end of the week.

Smith has a creative writing degree from University of Canberra.  Born in 1985, he has been writing for most of his life.  Along with a litaney of books published (Parlour Tricks (2012), Pestilence (2012) (with Gavin Thomson), Killeroo: Gangwar (with Darren Close and Dan Gibbs)), he is currently working on and even longer list, most notably, a fantasy graphic novel called Triumviratus.

Married with two kids and a dog, he keeps up a good website along with lots of other social media.  And, as always at Review Me Twice, we always recommend you go to website to get the low-down on authors.

Shane Smith's Website
His Facebook
His Twitter
His blog.

And, if you really want to, you can even contact him.

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