Thursday, February 21, 2013


Remember how you can follow us on Twitter @ReviewMeTwice? I want to let you know about some other awesome people and groups on Twitter that you might enjoy following.

Pentametron is a program designed to retweet other people's tweets and turn them into poetry... literally. It finds tweets that are really close to being in iambic pentameter that would make good couplets, and fits them together, posting 15-20 tweets per day (or more during big events like the Superbowl and the Grammys). I first read about it here.

"It doesn't even matter, anyway."
"Tomorrow is a legging sweatshirt day"
(These were retweeted from two separate users, at almost the same time, to make a rhyming couplet.)

This is the Underground New York Public Library. Their website is here. They take photos of people reading on the subway system of New York City. It's more fascinating than it sounds. It makes me wish I had a metro ride to get to work every day; I could get more reading done!

"Tropic of Cancer," by Henry Miller 
(This is a typical tweet by UNYPL, including the title and author of the book being read, then a link to the photo of someone reading it.)

The OED is the Oxford English Dictionary. Every day, they post interesting facts about English vocabulary, including history, etymology, and a word of the day.

Our earliest recorded example of 'karaoke' is from 1979. Borrowed from Japanese, its literal meaning is 'empty orchestra'.

Then we have authors... Some of the best tweeting authors include:
@neilhimself (Neil Gaiman)

What bookish Twitter users do you follow? Give us your suggestions in the comments (or tweet them to us @reviewmetwice!)

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