Saturday, October 12, 2013

By Its Cover: Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Despite my opinion of the content of this book, I actually quite like the cover. I like that the font is Courier, also known as "the typewriter font," because Israel's forged letters were written on a typewriter. I like the red proofreading pencil underline, because it fits the theme, too.

I particularly like the author line, with the names of people she forged letters from crossed out and her real name signed at the bottom. (I learned from this book that a TLS is a "typed letter, signed" and that's the look we have here on the cover.) I thought that was clever (more clever than anything I read in the book, anyway).

My copy was hardcover with a dust jacket. The dust jacket had a lovely bumpy texture like an aged letter might, and it added that little bit extra that made me want to read this book (although I changed my mind after having done so).


  1. I'm glad you mentioned the texture of the dust jacket. That is something that I look for when I buy books. I usually prefer hard covers because I like the way the dust jackets feel.

    1. It's funny, I feel the same way about hardcovers, but I always take the dust jackets off while I'm reading because I hate it when they slip. (Except library covers, because they're stuck on there pretty well.) When I'm done with the book, I put it back on and shelve it.

    2. I hate hardcover because it's so much harder to hold in my hand. Softback are pliable, easier to hold with one hand and get that worn look when you read them a bunch. I love a book that's been well worn.