Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Book You'd Want to Receive for All Hallow's Read

all hallows' read

Yes, it's Halloween again, which means it's All Hallow's Read again, too! This is an up-and-coming tradition wherein you give scary books to your loved ones (or strangers, if you like) to celebrate Halloween. So today, instead of favorites, we're picking the books we would most like to receive for All Hallow's Read.

David Wong is the author of John Dies at the End, which is now also a movie. He also wrote This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously Dude, Don't Touch It. I found a quote from The Washington Post about this book that said it's like The Walking Dead (which I don't watch, but would likely enjoy) meets Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm sold.

I knew about this book in the vague, if-you-mention-it-I'll-recognize-that-it's-a-thing-but-that's-about-it way that I'm aware of a lot of things. Then I was helping put together the library's Halloween display, and I saw this in the catalog. And I thought, I have to add that to the display. And on my way from where it had been on the shelf to where it was going on another shelf, I read the back of the book. And then I thought, I have to read this.

So really, it wouldn't make much sense to give this to me for All Hallow's Read, because I know there's an available copy at the library I work in, but still... I haven't read it, it's classified as "horror," and I want to read it. That's how the tradition works!

So, my book is an old one, and one I could pick up at the library or probably buy for pretty cheap (or even second hand.)

I hear so many things about the Shining; how it's basically the scariest thing that people have ever read/seen.  And I believe them, but I just never could bring myself to read it because I've never thought much of Stephen King's work.

(Funny side story; Alex was obsessed with Stephen King when we first met, and the VERY first time that we met, I saw all her Stephen King books and said, "I don't really like him much."  To which of course she answered, "Well, have you read anything by him?"  And when I told her the books I read she said, "Well, those are his worst ones."  Really, people, it's a wonder we ever became friends at all.)

And really, I don't HATE King.  I just don't think he's that great.  If someone were to GIVE me the book, however, I'm the kind of person who would be all the more likely to read it because it was a gift.  Ergo, someone should give me The Shining for All Hallow's Read and then I would actually read it.


  1. I would never read Alex's pick because I am so arachnophobic, I couldn't bring myself to touch a book with that kind of cover. Funny thing about Steven King, I am not a fan of horror movies and books. I get scared very easily. I had to stop watching "The Shining" almost immediately because I was so freaked out. But, I do think he's a good writer. I always enjoy the column he wrote for Entertainment Weekly. He is a fan of several things I am a fan of, like Lost and Harry Potter. The way he wrote the column, I could tell he was a good writer. But I have no interest in reading his books. Except maybe The Body, because I actually love the movie "Stand By Me. "

    1. Actually, The Dead Zone wasn't a bad book (or even scary.) I just... I REALLY liked the show and kind of felt like the book didn't live up to it.

      And I like Stephen King as a person (I've seen a lot of quotes and such from him. Plus, a guy who hates Twilight can't be bad. And he VEHEMENTLY hates Twilight. It's kind of awesome.) I just... I'm not a huge fan of his book writing. I'm not sure why. Especially because it's not necessarily bad writing, I just don't think it's really that GOOD.