Saturday, October 19, 2013

By Its Giveaway

Ok, so I know usually on Saturdays we do "By Its Cover" but this week, we're all about promoting Kinnaird's book, The Red Sun Rises, and the giveaway to WIN A COPY!  Exciting, I know. :)  So, in case you missed EVERYTHING this week, here's a little blurb and some other opinions on the book!

Eren Anderson is a freak among freaks. At 17 years old, he doesn't fit in with his peers in the tiny town of All Hallows and despite being born into it, he most certainly doesn't fit in among The Order of Our Mother, the secret nature worshiping society that has harnessed the ability cast spells and believes vampires are not only real, but their deadliest enemies. Eren is turned into a vampire after an attack by the local coven master, but that is the least of his worries...

In a post-Twilight world, “The Red Sun Rises” is a YA novel intended to give vampires their bite back but it should not be read as simply another vampire novel. “The Red Sun Rises” is a story about growing up, responsibility, falling in love, facing your fears and taking fate into your own hands.

Praise for “The Red Sun Rises”“The Red Sun Rises is the complete package, offering a little bit of everything to appeal not only to Twilight fans but also those fans of young adult novels ranging from Harry Potter to the Perks of Being a Wallflower, the Mortal Instruments to The Fault in Our Stars.” - review

“This is the kind of YA novel we need now, this is something I wish I could see on every shelf, in every store, in all libraries and schools. This book makes a statement. It's a book for all of the outcasts, the people who didn't fit in for whatever reason. This book makes sense to them. It's a story about being an outcast, fitting in, making your own choices, and standing up for what you believe in. There's so much to this novel, comparing it to any other vampire novel, especially Twilight would do nothing but dim it! Look past your preconceptions, keep an open mind, and experience this wonderful piece of YA fiction that is great for teens and for adults. This book needs to be read, read it, and share it. Buy a copy for your friend. You won't regret it.” - review

“The Red Sun Rises is a captivating book that will appeal to readers of not just the YA audience, and will leave you waiting with great anticipation for the sequel.” - review“It is refreshingly direct, challenging, witty, and an honest reflection of the challenges we each face growing up. The plot is streamlined and engaging and at no point do the characters feel contrived to nudge you to any conclusion. You aren't talked down to or expected to accept any moral imperatives. What you take from the book is yours alone. This book is brilliant simply because every page is awash with honesty. The language is refreshingly grounded and people actually sound like people. Gone are the clich├ęd pre-watershed aphorisms or idioms that are constantly substituted for the way teenagers speak. The "screw yous" and "ticked offs" are, when appropriate, abandoned for something much more likely.” - review

Tune in Tomorrow for the winner of the Book!

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