Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Favorite Road Trip Book

This week, I learned that there's another genre that I don't read much of: road trip books. But there is one that I have read, and greatly enjoyed, and it shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman is about a guy named Shadow who gets out of jail to find that his wife has moved on. Then he runs into some deities and adventure happens.

There's a companion book, called Anansi Boys, that I'm pretty sure I've discussed at some point here on the blog. (It features my favorite supporting character... a lime.)

So, it turns out, all my road trip books... actually non-fiction.  So about actual road trips.  Who knew?  And since we'll be discussing Carsick in just a few weeks, I'll talk about one of the only other road trip books in my repertoire

The book is about a kid who was so about being off the grid and green that he gave away all his money and hitchhiked to Alaska.  He was young, college age, from a middle to high class family and just completely fell off the grid.  Gave away all his money to charity and went to Alaska to live.  And actually did ok for awhile, until he got hit by the winter.

No one is 100% certain what happened to him.  They're pretty sure that he got caught there, unable to swim and that the river he cross in the summer was too high for him to cross again before the winter time hit and he starved to death (pleasant, right), but it's a lot about the psychology of why he left and hitchhiked across the country in the first place.

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