Friday, November 7, 2014

Reivew Me Twice - The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander

It should not be that hard to get through a book that short. Granted, I don't have much interest in the Romanovs, and I don't have much background information on them, so it's just not my topic. But I felt like it should have been more driving.

Then again, it is November. Which means novel writing, Halloween recuperation, Christmas preparation, and I had some personal stuff going on this week. So maybe I wouldn't have been able to get into any book we read this week.

I would give this book the benefit of the doubt and give it another shot at another time, but this week, it just didn't do it for me.

I can understand Alex's frustration.  I picked the book because it's short and, well, to be frank, the Romanovs are one of my favorite parts of history.  And the best parts of the story are at the end...

Which I didn't get to either this week.  And while I have an advantage over Alex in the fact that I have already read this book, I'm with her that this is a TOUGH month for us.  (NaNo is KICKING OUR BUTTS!!)  So I will at least give you the benefit of my 'I have already read this book' experience.  The ending is the best part.

The thing about this book though is that it was written before the last two Romanov bodies were found a few years ago, so it's a fictional interpretation of what could have happened.  Now, it's a little less so because we KNOW what happened.  It takes a little of the love and mystery out of the book.

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