Monday, November 3, 2014

NaNoWriMo Blog for All

NaNo has officially started!

So if you're here, reading this posts, it's either A. because you're not participating in NaNo or B. because you're procrastinating.

Either are likely scenarios around here.  Alex and I, as always, will be participating like we always do (and keeping mildly up to date on here), but mostly, we're going to be encouraging you to head over to a writing blog that I've started for you guys.

While later on, I will be posting my writings, during NaNo the idea is I'm posting digital write-ins, writing sprints, advice days, and just a place for everyone to gather and talk about NaNo.  I'm going to keep word counters to the side of the blog and, right now, it's just Alex and I, but we would LOVE for you to contribute.

If you give us your NaNo user name, we will add it to the counter on the side and we can all compare how we're doing!!!  (good motivation to keep writing, isn't it?)

If there are other writing ideas you have for it, let me know.  I'm really looking for it to be a community writing space, not just during NaNo but past it as well.

Happy Writing!!

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