Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Favorite Writing Tool

Me (Alex) and my trust NaNoWriMo 2014 notebook

NaNoWriMo makes me feel a little old school, because I pull out a composition notebook around September to start preparing for it. My composition notebooks are my favorite writing tools (with the specific pens I use for this purpose in a very close second place).

I'm a tactile person. Things seem more real to me when I can touch them. I'm also a visual person. It is easier for me to be able to write in margins or doodle or dedicate an entire page to a sketch. I also love the feel of flipping through pages covered in ink writing.

Bonus? This year, the color of my composition notebook kind of matches the idea of my book.

While I do get a little tactile just like Alex during NaNo (I have these great generic super hero notebook that say things like 'Kapow!'), I really love Scrivener.  I have loved it since the first day I finally pony upped the money to pay for it (and by me I mean Alex because she bought it for me for my birthday.)

It let's me divide my book into the most miraculous ways (this NaNo, I'm dividing it by school grade level, and then have it further divided into different parts within the school grades.)  I have a separate section for keeping track of characters and their features and families.  There's a place to keep my research and outlines and anything to do with my story.

I love that Scrivener keeps everything organized in one place.  I don't need four documents, in four separate programs, to keep my characters straight.  It's all in one place and it's an affordable program!  If you win NaNo, it's only $20.  If you don't win NaNo.  It's still only $40.  If you are looking for a great program for writing, pick up Scrivener.

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