Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Write or Die

As we near the middle of the month, we start to feel the pressure of our word counts.  Some of us are ahead (congrats!), some of us are behind (you can catch up, don't worry!) and some of us are just right on track (great planning!).

Wherever you are, sometimes you just need a little motivation to get some work done.  Which, is why I submit to you:


Write or die is an especially great program if you are behind.  It's free, if you just use it on the internets, but you can buy the full version for just $20, and you put in the amount of time that you would like to work and then you can put in the level of intensity that you want to work at.  At it's lowest setting it will just flash some colors at you.  At the next level, it will make some unsavory noises, and at it's top level, Kamikaze, if you sit dormant for too long, Write or Die will start deleting the words you have written.

Write or Die has done some upgrades since the last time that I've written about them.  There are now REWARDS for writing.  You can get pleasant sounds for meeting goals.  Kitten purrs and the like, along with pleasant pictures.  However, there are also unpleasant pictures that appear, like spiders across your screen, motivating you to write and make the pictures disappear.

So if you're struggling, it's definitely something I recommend doing.

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