Friday, October 31, 2014

Review Me Twice: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life by Bryan Lee O'Malley

You know how when you're a kid, you can watch the same handful of movies over and over and over and over until you can recite the whole thing by heart? Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is the adult version of that for me. I love that movie. I've loved it since the second I sat down in the theater to watch it for the first time. I've loved it every single one of the at least a hundred times I've watched it since then. I just love it.

So I finally got around to reading all the books. And I love them too. Which should be no surprise if you're familiar with the fact that the movie is one of the most faithful adaptations ever made. There are so many scenes pulled straight from the book and put straight up on the screen; it's really a testament to Edgar Wright's ability to direct.

Scott is not - in my opinion - a lovable character. He's a little worse in the books than he is in the movie (unless you hate Michael Cera, but I don't). But I feel like it's an important part of the story. Scott doesn't have his life together so he has to sort it out (while working his way through fighting Ramona's evil exes).

These are really clever books. They appeal to my tragically Canadian sensibilities. (In-joke!) There are a lot of little jokes throughout that you might miss the first time through.

On top of all that? My copy is signed. Which makes it extra awesome.

So, Scott Pilgram, fun graphic novel.  And while I did see the movie first (and probably enjoyed it more), this was a graphic novel I sought out on my own, and liked enough that when Alex recommended it, I decided to reread it.

I feel like I'm not quite nerdy enough for it, that I'm probably missing a ton of references in the books because I wasn't a huge gamer, but it's still cool how geeky it IS and that I don't have to read ten years of back story just to get a general idea of what might be going on (I'm looking at you every superhero comic ever.)

I also really like the drawings in it.  They're fun and fancy free and I like the characters.  They depict real people very well (other than that whole super power video game thing.)

So, basically, I like the Scott Pilgram graphic Novels.  If I'm not careful, I might start actually liking graphic novels at this rate.

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